Speed Champions 12 Car Modular Garage - Multiple Colors Available

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***This does NOT include the legos in the picture. This is for the 3d printed unit ONLY***

We here at TTRC are big lego fans and we found that we had quite a few lego cars laying around the office. So we wanted an easy way to organize and display them. So we came up with this awesome parking garage! The biggest one holds 12 cars and is sized to fit the biggest SUV from the Speed Champions series.

These units can be ordered in a few different sizes and multiple colors.

This is the new “Build It Yourself” unit. You will receive it in panels and will be required to assemble it yourself. It should be obvious by looking at the pictures here how this unit goes together. And you will be supplied with the required hardware. You can then glue it together or leave it held together with the screws.

It has been optimized for 3d printing and also made a couple of small changes to display the cars better. If you would prefer the v1 unit to match any existing ones you might have, please contact us immediately after ordering this one. Thank you!

If you want a smaller size, please message us to make a smaller version of this.