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TTRC Driver Updates

Team Driver Anthony Golding - 10/19/19

So yesterday was race 5 of 6 of the fall series. I started 6th in the first qual and ended up 2nd. Then we do reverse from last rd. So I started 3rd I Believe and then got 2nd again. So this would put me starting 2nd on the grid for the mains. I would have some mistakes throughout the race, but would end up throwing down my personal best lap at a 17.4 second lap, and would end up winning the race. It was a lot of competition and a lot of fun racing last night. Now I just need to do good next week hopefully get first again and I’ll be in second in points even after missing 2 weeks of the series


Team Driver Garrett Allen - 10/19/19:

Well, the first HCOT race is in the books. It was rough at times but, I was able to come out on top in both classes. In mudboss, I had a shock come apart when I collided with a lap car in the first heat, second heat I was able to put a TQ run together, in the main I was able to get away but a wreck left some debris on the track which I hit and hit the wall which actually pulled the right front shock apart ever so slightly but I was able hold on and get the win. In the late model class, my car was pretty much perfect all day, I was able to go out in the first heat and never look back, only issue I had was a lapper in the main that collected me and 2nd place, which knocked me back but I was able to run the leader back down and pass him for the win. I have to give a big thanks to everyone who makes days like this possible. First, I have to thank my dad( Kevin Allen) for teaching me everything I know, all the sponsors who help me, Team Tactical for keeping me organized, Team Scream for all the power, CCS for all the chassis help and BIG Leads RC for the charge cables to get all the power into my batteries.



Team Driver Dan Brichetto - 9/23/2019:

Man! What a fun weekend out a FSEARA Race #1 at Valkaria RC Raceway. And what an awesome facility Valkaria Raceway is!! This was my first time visiting this track. The owners and crew are definitely Top Notch Great People!! started off Saturday running some practice. Just to get use to the track and see where my cars are at. It was really really windy all weekend so that was probably my hardest thing to deal with. Was hard for me to tell what was the wind and what was the car doing. The USGT car I just could not get any real bite into the track with all weekend. I tried everything I could think of. It was just a controlled sliding all weekend. The top guy found it. So it was there. I just didn’t have it. The VTA car was pretty good to start the weekend. I was able to keep finding more grip and stability in VTA as the weekend went. Definitely had a top 3 car. As qualifying went I was able to get a 4th place starting spot for the Main in VTA. The Main was frustrating for me. At the start the top three guys wanted to fight for a spot on the first corner. Which put them out wide in the first section. I was able to take advantage of that and make a pass to the front of the field. But then an unintentional tap on the rear of my car later in that lap put me on my roof and all the way back to last by the time the marshal could get to me. I was able to get back to 7th but I was frustrated so guaranteed it was me not being calmed down to really drive a better race to get back up as far as I possibly could. So ended up 7th in VTA. But ether way man what a blast of a weekend!! Had a great time talking and hanging out with all the racers and meeting all the people at Valkaria Raceway which is truly an amazing track! Great time with the Kids camping out in the trailer at the track,visiting the beach, and just making great memories! Big Thank you’s go out to everyone from David Vera & FSEARA Series & crew, Valkaria Raceway, all the racers, Sponsors , Mesut Yang for the VTA tires, everyone! Thank you we had a blast!!! Oh and the motivation these guys give you by racing and trying to be better on and off the track is unlike anything! Can’t wait for the next race!