Traxxas Rustler 5 oz speed run Chassis skid plate

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Chassis Skid Plate for the Traxxas Rustler , VXL, XL5

Up for Purchase is an all Aluminum Skid plate for the chassis of your Traxxas Rustler, VXL or XL5.

This is a classic skid plate for the Traxxas Rustler, XL5, and the VXL. This is an aluminum based skid plate, that is manufactured using quality materials that help ensure reliability and safety of your vehicle.


These skid plates are designed to be used as a chassis protector, and defender. If you have crashed your vehicle going over 100 MPH, then the skid plates are the ultimate upgrade. As they will allow you to keep your vehicle intact, and help you save your investment in the best way possible.


The aluminum based skid plates are designed to fit the Bandit and the Traxxas Rustler. You can easily mount the skid plate using five screws, one goes in the front while the remaining 4 are placed in the back. This allows for complete coverage and protection in case of an accident.


The skid plates are made in our local shop in Ohio, where I along with my employees play around with such parts. This allows us the ability to offer you the best solution when it comes to vehicle upgrades. As there is nothing better than investing in something you know will help you protect your asset, and get a great addition to your vehicle.


You can visit our store for ongoing deals, and take a look at other parts for your RC trucks. As we offer a great selection, and one of the most sold product is our skid plates. The plate measures 2.15 inches wide, and 13.7 inches long inside. These plates, along with everything we sell is made in the USA. We are a Veteran only company that offers some of our profits to help our soldiers who have been wounded during their time.


Whatever you order will be shipped in one business day, so you can have them with you as soon as possible.


If you have any custom pieces you need, or a vintage upgrade then we are here to assist you in the best possible way. In addition, we can powder coat and engrave any message on the parts you purchase from us. We are offering you more than 300 PPG colors to choose from, and we can even help customize your plates and even change their colors.


You can follow us on Facebook and stay updated with new deals and parts. In addition, if you are looking to purchase at a wholesale price, we offer a special quote. Moreover, you get a special discount when you purchase 5 skid plates.


Furthermore, you might be able to find minor scratches and scuff marks that are left behind from machining, and offering you polished pieces will blow your budget out of the water. The image we have posted with painted or dipped by our customer.