Traxxas Rustler 1:10 Steel weighted Bumper

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Steel 290 Gram Bumper Weight 

Traxxas Rustler 290 Gram Bumper


A powder coated steel bumper, that is manufactured using high-quality materials to help ensure security, and reliability. This front bumper is the ultimate upgrade that allows you to get a completely new finish, and use for your vehicle. We are offering you a complete range of hop up parts for your Traxxas Rustler.


The Traxxas Rustler 290 Gram bumper is designed to offer you better handling and decreases the amount of air that passed underneath the vehicle. This allows you to reduce the drag, and lift your vehicle up.

On our eBay page, you will be able to find aluminum skid plates, along with extended Skid plates for your Traxxas Rustler. We are a veteran owned shop, who is offering you upgrades that are made in the USA. The bumper is made using high-quality materials, that was later tested by us to ensure great use. We only offer you the best upgrades there are for your vehicle, so you can enjoy quality upgrades. This part replaces the Traxxas Part #2735.


●      Material: Steel

●      Color: As Rolled, Can also be powder coated for an additional charge

●      Use: Front Bumper

●      Manufactured: USA