Shock Caddy

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The Shock Caddy is all that you need to work on your shocks. This unit will hold your shock oil, any scale of shocks, your allen wrenches, and all of your small parts while you work on your shocks.


As is all of our items offered in our store, this unit is completely customizable. If you want just 3 oil bottle slots and want to use the other half for something else, we can do that. If you want a bigger magnet, we can do that. Or if you want to be able to do both 10th scale and 8th scale on the same unit, we can do that too. Just please let us know using our contact form and we will contact you shortly after to get the design specifics.


If you want to use this for both 8th scale and 10th scale shocks, please also add the Scale Adapters to your order and select 18mm shocks for this Shock Caddy. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


*Please note: These are designed so that the oil bottles fit snug into their slots so that they do not fall out. This is on purpose.


If you are local to Lincoln, Ne, please contact us to set up a pick up option and a coupon to set your shipping to zero.